Through contact with many local artisans, we noticed a common thread plaguing Colombia´s rural communities: the interest in learning traditional crafts and techniques is vanishing; especially among the younger generations.
GRES is a design firm specializing in hand crafted home accessories, founded by architects: Silvana Vergara and Catherine Jessurum.
Our goal is to establish an atelier where older artisans can pass their passion and knowledge to succeeding generations. Through that, we will provide needed employment to the disadvantaged and rural parts of the country, and, in turn, breathe new life into the centuries old techniques of arts and crafts. Each product has been skillfully designed through the meticulous understanding of unique crafting techniques. Colors, shapes and patterns are created to convey our love for design. These traditional means of production are integral to GRES’s mission to produce healthy, sustainable textiles for interiors, which translates to our desire to support traditional Colombian artisans. The plight of the traditional craftsman is rooted in pervasive poverty, preventing many artisans from acquiring the raw materials necessary to produce their products, which, in turn, are necessary as a means of subsistence.

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